Sea Breeze

The sea breeze caresses my skin
because the crashing waves have done too much damage.
Tidal waves strip my identities across the sandy beaches.
Tsunamis of fear and anger devours my soul
and drags it along the deep ocean floor,
picking up the pieces of keys to missing locks.
I'm swept into the sea,
drowning in an ocean of seduction and lies,
gasping for air, seeking hope and redemption.
Inhaling the present and exhaling the past
on the surface of the ocean, but the surface was I all I ever knew.
Gazing at the glimmers of hope in the sky,
stars existing galaxies away. 
But the moon casting shadows of failure and defeat.

So, I'm just floating in the ocean for the time being
with no sense of direction, north, east, south, and west
but I do understand, right, wrong, good, and bad.
So, I'm just floating in the ocean for the time being.
I haven't lost sight of the shore,
but I've already come so far from where I used to be.
So instead of just floating in the ocean, I learned how to swim.
Swimming towards the ocean's horizon of endless possibilities,
trying to discover potential qualities.
Battling treacherous seas and whirlpools of regret,
contemplating about the should haves and should have nots.
But I continue swimming among the dolphins
with calm, sunny seas by day.
I swim among the sharks
with cold, lonely, empty waves by night.

I come across a rupture in the earth's crust.
Hot lava spilling across the ocean with finesse,
ashes filling up the infinite space in time.
I saw beauty in the reaction,
as it reacted a sense of belonging.
So naturally, I swim towards the eruption,
but the waves carried me so gently with no disruption.
I stand on the scorching melanin,
reminding me of the summer heat
that used to blaze underneath my feet.
It reminded me of this place I once called home,
which I've moved so far away from.

So I became grounded, and as time went by,
the charcoal ashes subsided and roots became grounded.
Fruiting trees started growing,
peach blossoms releasing aroma therapy,
coconut nutrients healing my soul.
I stand there with the waves crashing up against my feet
realizing this was a blessing in disguise.

You see...
My skin can still taste the salty tears of crying heavens
but the sea breeze caresses my skin
evaporating fear and anger
diminishing insecurities of my identities.
Healing of what was already bleeding.

Because I've come so far from where I used to be,
I remember that I can float in the ocean.
I learned how to swim and navigate through the dangerous seas,
for my majestic energy can ripple with the tidal waves
and I can stand for all I am worth,
facing the sun as it sets on the ocean's horizon.


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